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Payfluence HCM | Privacy Policy

Dear Client,

Among the many benefits we hope to provide to you through our HCM software and service, data privacy and security are always among our top priorities. As part of our normal sales processes and procedures, we may collect your personal, business, or financial information. We are careful to only use this information in the manner in which it was intended.

Our policy at Payfluence is never to disclose, sell, or distribute your information to any third parties for any reason, other than to comply with federal, state, or local law and regulations or complete customer requests.

Your trust is important to us, so we take steps to prevent misuse or unauthorized access to your information. As a company, we comply with industry best practices to ensure that your personal, business, and financial information remain secure and protected from disclosure, distribution, or other misuse.

Should you have any questions or concerns about our data usage and privacy policy, please contact us.

With gratitude,
The Team at Payfluence

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